Dear Crystal – Wondering if Bigger Is Better

Dear Crystal,

I’ve been following you for almost 10 years now and just love seeing snippets on your life on Instagram. Your taste in decor never fails to amaze me. I have been looking at snaps of your home and it looks so cozy, not super huge like some other houses. I was wondering if you had any advice for someone that already has a home but can’t help but want something bigger and better knowing I may not get that. What’s your philosophy when it comes to your home?

Wondering if Bigger is Better

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Dear Wondering if Bigger is Better,

I think the best place for us to start is to reflect on what your home is. What sacred way does your home support you? For me, home is my safe place to land. It’s where I love my family fiercely and fortify our hearts. It’s the place where I feel most free to be me. Home is where I belong. None of these things are dependent on how big or small my house is. 

Because my home is kind to me, in turn, I want to be kind to my home. This means I do my best to enhance its features, even if I have to look hard to find beauty in them. As the steward of my home, thinking about how I can make each room the truest, most beautiful version of itself is my creative mission and a daily practice. Sometimes that involves a mini transformation with a handyman and sometimes that simply means placing pretty flowers on a table for an instant pick-me-up. None of these things are dependent on how big or small my house is. 

When I find myself going down the wanting more road, I know gratitude is my most powerful antidote. I’m curious if you could make a list of ten things you appreciate about your home. When we are experiencing gratitude we can’t simultaneously embody the feelings of lack. Try to feel both at once and you’ll find it’s not possible. Instead, when practicing being grateful for what is, you’ll likely find the love for your home swelling in your heart.

I also think it’s ok and important to allow hope into the conversation – hope of a future house that aligns even more beautifully to the life you are worthy of keeps the light in your heart shining bright. Continue to orient your heart towards hope, gratitude, love, and abundance and I truly believe you’ll attract so much beauty into your home…and everywhere.

Yours Truly,

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