Sunday Recap: Trip to Tahoe and Thoughts on Motherhood

No. 1 Mornings with Sophia

While her big brothers are in school, Sophia and I have had so much fun hanging out together this week. Life is busy with three children so anytime I get one-on-one time with one of them feels like a win. Our current thing is sitting on her bedroom floor and playing with her Christmas toys. Her favorites are this tea set, her cupcakes, and these soft stacking blocks. And after two boys, I’m also very much enjoying dressing a girl! I couldn’t resist purchasing this sweater recently (on sale!) and these are our go-to bows.

No. 2 Minutes vs. Moments

Speaking of mom-life, I’ve been thinking a lot about something I recently heard. As moms, we know how long the days can feel and there’s often guilt when we aren’t enjoying every single minute of it. So, rather than having that unrealistic expectation of myself, I’m focusing on the sacred moments that unexpectedly arise from the minutes instead: breathing in my baby as she falls asleep nestled in my arms or unexpectedly laughing with my boys until my stomach hurts. I try to mark those special moments when they happen. And as long as I’m present enough to collect a couple of them each day, then that’s good enough for me.

No. 3 Packing for Tahoe

For the long weekend we decided to head to Tahoe to play in the snow. Packing for a family of five usually feels daunting to me, but starting a couple of days in advance, keeping a running packing list on my phone, and having everyone’s things organized in individual packing cubes (these are my favorite ones) always helps. I also love these personalized toiletry bags I bought for the kids for odds and ends.


embroidered kids toiletry bag
embroidered kids toiletry bag

No. 4 Family Time on the Mountain

I love being home and thrive on routine, but trips with my family make me so happy. Seeing the kids do something new for the first time and making memories together is always worth the work of travel with young kids.

No. 5 Decorating Projects

With a new year well underway, I am feeling very motivated to tackle some decorating projects around the house that I haven’t made time for until now. I just commissioned an art piece by Josh Young that’ll go on the blank wall you see when you first walk into our house. I’m putting some finishing touches on Sophia’s room so I can have it photographed to share. And getting a mantel installed around our firebox is also high on my list.

Crystal Palecek Design Neutral Living Space Art Gallery
Crystal Palecek Design Neutral Living Space

No. 6 Winter Beauty

Does your skin get very dry in the winter, too? I have a whole host of clean beauty products I love and use regularly, but these two have been my MVPs for dry skin and lips this season. The lip balm has a minty feeling that is so cooling and very healing and the moisturizer is thick but fast absorbing and ultra-hydrating.

No. 7 Healthy Eating at Home

I don’t know about you, but I always crave all the veggies and salads after a trip. Now that we’re back from Tahoe, I’m excited to make some healthy meals for me and my family. Whenever I need a little healthy cooking inspiration, I look to Sophie Collins. The green detox soup in her e-book is incredible!


I hope you have a wonderful new week!

Love, Crystal